Warrington [Warrington]

Event info
Date: august 23, 2018
Time: 10:00
Location: Warrington
Address: WA4 4AG Warrington

Creamfields is renowned for its friendly crowd and this year we want to build our ‘Creamfields Community’.  We’re one of the safest festivals in the world and we aim to keep it that way, the health and safety of our customers is the most important thing to us. Yes, we want you guys to have the time of your life but we also want you to do it safely.

As many of you who have already attended the festival will know, Creamfields has a zero tolerance to drugs, and stringent security measures are in place. These procedures are developed and improved year on year and we ask festival goers to remember that the security and Police we have on site are ultimately there to keep you safe – so we urge anyone attending to not bring drugs into the show and to not use drugs whilst at the show.

However, despite the stringent searches and security procedures in place, we acknowledge that drugs will still make their way into the festival and some of you will decide to use them. It is extremely important to understand what you are choosing to take and the effects that these drugs will have on your body so that you can make your own informed decision and try to reduce the harm caused by the drugs you may decide to take.

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